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Date of release Title of announcement Attachments
2017-04-11 Tatfook Technology: Graphene business drags down the earnings, ERA strategy advances steadily, good prospects can be expected Attachments
2017-04-10 Tatfook Technology: Lower-than-expected earning results, industry boom is expected to enhance the performance Attachments
2016-12-14 Tatfook Technology: graphene business achieves low-cost mass production, opening up new era of downstream applications Attachments
2016-10-28 Tatfook Technology: smart terminals improve performance and fund-raising project is being developed successfully Attachments
2016-09-26 Tatfook Technology: Subsidiaries raised funds to develop camera modules such as VR, intelligent hardware layout grows faster Attachments
2016-08-26 Tatfook Technology: Create industry 4.0 platform, work with M&A companies to build a new engine in terms of investment projects Attachments
2015-04-22 Tatfook Technology:Fund-raising projects lead to a blue sea area of smart terminal business with platform strategy to realize intelligent manufacturing Attachments
2015-03-04 Tatfook Technology:Embrace intelligent life and the era of industry 4.0 Attachments
2014-11-12 Tatfook Technology: 7 shares will add to every 10 shares n the annual report, employee stock incentive plan helps the company achieve tremendous development. Attachments
2014-10-27 Tatfook Technology: Mobile phone parts business will grow rapidly, the employee stock incentive plan sets high target Attachments