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Massive MIMO: Massive input and output

A+P, AAU and antenna integration

AAU that support Massive MIMO technology

Next generation Node B solutions

From the audio communication in 1G era, SMS transmission in 2G era, the rapid development of mobile Internet in 3G era to the digitalization and video in full progress in 4G era, people’s lifestyle is keeping improving with the development of the communication technology. The boom of 5G brings markets in multiple industries forward, especially the next generation Node B, which could be influenced by the size, weight and performance of next generation Node B filters.

AAU, Active Antenna Unit, is the main equipment in next generation Node B, which is the implementation plan or large-scale antenna arrays.

5G is first deployed in urban hotspots where there are many tall buildings, so 5G needs to cover not only the ground but also the vertical surface of tall buildings. The large-scale antenna arrays of Massive MIMO AAU support multi-stream emission in the horizontal plane as well as distribute the beam flexibly in the vertical plane, which enhance the coverage of tall buildings greatly.

Due to multiple transmitting channels, beams which are very narrow form so the capability of Space Division Multiplexing is stronger, and the same frequency and time resources are shared to several users. Compared to 4×4 MIMO of 4G, maximum of 24- simultaneous downlink data streams is supported in the field, cell capacity increased by 5 times.

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