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Air tightness test equipment


Max stroke of X axis:550mm

Max stroke of Y axis:620mm

Max stroke of Z axis:150mm

Air tightness test equipment

With the principle of pressure drop to meet online Air-leak testing, waterproof testing, sealing testing, Air-leak test equipment mainly applied to the production line.


Air tightness test from 0 to 200Mpa, the final factory inspection of well drilling blowout preventers, Christmas trees, wellhead devices, throttling, kill manifolds and other products could be met. The functional tests of above products could be also met.

This type of air-sealed test bench is suitable for air tightness test of various types of pipes in petroleum engineering such as blowout preventers, valves, gas producing wellheads, manifolds, downhole tools and pressure vessels used in aviation, scientific research institutions and various industries.

Equipment characteristics

Equipped with imported gas-drive and auto gas-booster pump, easily achieve output pressure adjustment.

Advanced technology, reasonable structure design; with characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful and generous appearance.

All pressure parts are made of international famous brand standard parts, without any welding connection, easy to disassemble, high safety factor, long life, easy to maintain.

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