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Development history

20 years we have worked hard in the field of basic industry and explored independently controllable original technologies


Set up in the British Virgin Islands as Tatfook BVI by founder Shangchuan Sun.


Planned Tatfook (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD. and set up Shenzhen Bao'an factory.


Formally established Tatfook (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD.;

Became a qualified supplier of Frey Communications;

Started the bulk supply of filter aluminum alloy cavity and various metal resonant pole products;

Start to build a common electromechanical manufacturing platform.


Became a qualified supplier of Singapore AGILIS;

Started the bulk supply of the cavity for 3.5G/7G/8G/13G /14G.


Certificated by the quality management system ISO9001:2000.


Introducing Kathrein, the world's largest antenna manufacturer,Enter the filter field.


Recognized as "Advanced Technology Enterprise" by Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau;

Recognized as "High-tech Enterprise" by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau;

Certificated by the quality management system ISO14001:2004;

Passed Siemens’s product process audit, took the lead in mastering the aluminum die-casting cavity technology of communication filter, expanded from the metal structural parts OEM of filter to the whole filter OEM, and began to undertake the filter ODM business of Huawei.


Repurchased Kathrein's shares of Tatfook BVI and set the foundation for the localization for filters;

Became a qualified supplier of Huawei, Ericsson and BOSCH.


Became a qualified supplier of Northern Electric;

Set up Bengbu Factory in Anhui Province.


Won the "National High-tech Enterprise Certificate";

Became a qualified supplier of Alcatel-Lucent.


Became Huawei's global gold core supplier;

Certificated by Automobile parts quality management system TS16949:2009.


Listed on GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code:300134) and raised 1.98 billion yuan by initial public offering.


Together with Delegation of China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electrical Machinery which was led by Vice president Xi Jinping, Tatfook chairman visited Europe, and acquired MT Company founded by GP. Villa, former founder of Forem in Italy.


Acquired the Chinese assets of CommScope and Powerwave and undertook their global manufacturing capacity,acquired almost all the major filter and antenna companies in Europe and the United States and fully taken on their production capacity, becoming the world's largest filter design and manufacturing supplier.


Centered on the core manufacturing capability accumulated in the field of communication radio(R), began to expand the business of consumer electronics (E) and automobile parts (A), forming a shared intelligent manufacturing platform dominated by the three main businesses of ERA;

Became a supplier of Tesla;

Won "Shenzhen Bao'an Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".


Became a qualified supplier of Apple;

Won the "Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" and the "Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association Membership Certificate".


Won the "Shenzhen Bao'an Intellectual property Advantage Enterprise".


Became a supplier of DENSO;

Raised private offering of 3.45 billion yuan;

Won the 8th "Bao'an District Mayor Quality Award", "Huawei Annual Excellent Quality Award", and ranked NO.21 in "China’s next 100 global giants" rated by the 2nd ACCA and released to the world.


Awarded as "Guangdong Top 10 listed companies with Best Investment Value";

Won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" (National High-tech Enterprise Certificate), "Huawei Annual Supplier Sustainability Award", "Huawei Duplexer Category Outstanding Supplier Award of the first half of the year".


Awarded the CSR Medal by JAC,won "2017 Best Enterprise Sharing Award" and "Huawei Digital Collaboration Benchmarking Award".


Began business expansion from ToB to ToC, and formed the health enabling service represented by Tatfook Wisdom Health;

Won "Huawei Outstanding Delivery Award".


Proposed the strategic layout of "One Body and Two Wings" to continue to strengthen the three major businesses of ERA with the body of shared intelligent creation, and to develop the two wings of network intelligent creation industry and smart health industry;

Won "Bao’an District Integrity Demonstration Unit", "Huawei Anti-epidemic Supply Guarantee Award", "Huawei Quality Cooperation Special Award".


Centered on the optimization and expansion from "One Body and Two Wings" to "one Body and One Network", One Body (Industry 4.0) including intelligent design and manufacturing enabling service platform + intelligent equipment technology enabling service platform; One Network (industry 5.0) including online education creation enabling service platform + network health management enabling service platform;

Selected into the list of "National Single Champion Products of Manufacturing Industry" of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for base station filter , and awarded as "Anhui Enterprise Technology Center", "Anhui Industrial Design Center" and "Bengbu Industrial Design Center";

Won "Huawei Best Delivery Award", Bosch "Outstanding Supplier in Asia Pacific".


Acquired A&E, to reach the synergistic effect of intelligent equipment platform and shared intelligent manufacturing platform, and accelerate the strategic promotion of "One Body, one Network".

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