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Company profile
Anhui Tatfook Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Tatfook Technology Co., Ltd. (Tatfook Technology for short) was established in 2001 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 (stock code: 300134). The company is committed to build three platforms with vertical integration capabilities from hardware to software and from components to systems: intelligent manufacturing sharing platform, equipment technology platform and industrial design network platform, and focus on business of mobile communication, intelligent terminal, automobile. With the independent R&D innovation, vertical integration of precision manufacturing, original computer language and 3D, AI engine development ability and other core advantages, Tatfook is willing to provide one-stop professional services for domestic and foreign customers. It has more than 70 subsidiary corporations in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Bengbu, Nanjing and Hong Kong. In 2023, Tatfook Technology has invested 270 million yuan in R&D, and has nearly 5,000 employees, including 684 R&D personnel.

Committed to promoting intelligent manufacturing, and achieve industry upgrading

R&D innovation

To provide high-intensity support for product solutions with high proportion of R&D investment.

In 2023, the company has invested 270 million yuan in R&D.
The R&D investment accounts for 10.82%.
684 R&D personnel by the end of 2023.
R&d personnel accounts for 15.21%.
A total of 3,013 patents.
302 new patents in 2023.
Corporate Business
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