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Moxibustion robot


Quickly AI searching for acupoint, 335 dimensions with intelligent recognition for children and adults

Safe, efficient, intelligent and easy-to-use

Intelligent temperature control, with mild moxibustion, pecking moxibustion, rotating moxibustion and other moxibustion methods of 1:1 accurate operation.

Moxibustion robot

The function of automatic moxibustion was realized through the mechanical arm with multiple degrees of freedom. The robot can optically and automatically find the acupoints of the human body, intelligently identifying of acupoints and moxibustion drainage by combining the moxibustion knowledge base. The equipment cost is reasonable and combine with the meridians and pulse information to realize the automation of moxibustion while reducing the labor cost and improving the precision of physiotherapy.

The back is a holographic miniature of the whole human body with the spine as the center. The five viscera and six organs of the human body can be found in the back which is a barometer of health.

Personality and body fat identification: Through questionnaire survey, the overall characteristics of the five elements and physical fitness of the client are obtained which provides information support on health management for the client to make an appointment in advance or improve the physical and emotional conditions.

The use of moxa stick properties and heat moxibustion back can cultivate Yang qi, regulate the blood of five viscera, calm the mind, resolving and activating the meridian.

Low cost moxibustion robot: Reduce the influence of human factors, self-medication or moxibustion treatment from doctor’s advice. Reduce the dependence on professional physicians and labor cost.

Through imaging and recognition technology to automatically find human body acupoints. Determine the abnormal back acupoints and moxibustion method to replenish drainage.

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