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Portable meridians detector


Adopt independent research patent technology

Improve the accuracy, stability, effectiveness and anti-interference for detection

Fast collection of biological resistance signal of the original point in the human body’s twelve meridians

Portable meridians detector

Meridians are the channels to transmit the energy information of the viscera of the human body. “Huangdi’s Neijing” says, “Meridians should be always kept open, which decide life and death, cause diseases and adjust the deficiency and excess. The smooth channels and collaterals make the nine major systems of the human body become an organic whole, which is the guarantee of the normal function of the human body.

Comprehensive detection:The comprehensive detection of twelve meridians, combined with the self-consultation process, generates multi-dimensional health detection report for the client immediately. Including the deficiency and cold heat of twelve meridians, the imbalance of human meridians, balance data, characteristics of meridians, prone to disease and conditioning health suggestions.

Personality and body fat identification:Through questionnaire survey, the overall characteristics of the five elements and physical fitness of the client are obtained, which provides information support for health management for the client to make an appointment in advance or improve the physical and emotional conditions.

TCM clinical aid diagnosis:It can form chart data of collected 12 channels and collaterals bio-resistance signals, providing quantitative basis for further TCM clinical dialectics.

Curative effect evaluation and health management:It can provide objective evaluation of clinical treatment or conditioning effect, and track the dynamic process of disease change.

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