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Blood pressure and pulse detector


High precision sensor

Pulse waveform display

Pulse analysis in the cloud

Blood pressure and pulse detector

It can be used to collect pulse diagnosis information, record the original pulse map and analyze the pulse attribute characteristics, to provide objective basis for health status identification and TCM syndrome differentiation. At the same time, blood pressure and arteriosclerosis related indicators can be measured to assess the potential risk of cardiovascular disease. This product is small and easy to carry, and the data can be connected to mobile phone, HIS and other systems. It is a new kind of health detection product.

Pulse wave is the physical manifestation of pulse of traditional Chinese medicine, which contains rich physiological information of human body.

Through the analysis and comparison of pulse measurement data, patients with cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, stroke and other disease can be monitored daily for long-term, to understand the effect of treatment convalescence which is of great significance to the health guidance of patients.

Human’s pulse will change with age and seasons which also directly reflect human’s physical and mental health.

Monitor high and low pressure, heart rate and other common blood pressure indicators.

Using intelligent algorithm to collect pulse wave data classification, recognition, analysis. Can identify 16 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine pulse.

A variety of cardiovascular health status indicators AI, AVI (atherosclerosis risk indicators);

This product has several number of invention patents in application.

Product characteristics

High and low pressure, heart rate value, as well as multiple blood pressure trend chart displayed.

24-bit high precision pressure sampling, high pulse wave recovery.

According to the pulse wave map, intelligent identification of 16 common pulse conditions, analysis of health status (APP).

AVI (indicator of atherosclerosis risk).

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