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Dayi Cloud HIS2.0 management system


A set of HIS service platform based on cloud

The whole process of TCM clinic SaaS service

Realize the "+ Internet" of TCM clinic, and build an Internet traditional TCM clinic

Dayi Cloud HIS2.0 management system

It is a cloud-based HIS clinic service platform launched for small and medium-sized medical and health institutions that include internal management, customer management and service management system. Intelligent assisted diagnosis health management system, knowledge management system, doctor-patient communication system, online marketing system, and other external systems to provide customers with integrated information solutions.

It can meet the needs of clinic business, such as appointment, consultation, charging, dispensing, pharmacy management, operation analysis and other links of the work. Compared with the traditional hospital system, the operation of HIS in Dayi cloud is simple, easy to learn and use without complex data preparation work. Meet the needs of diversified clinic management mode.

Our advantages

Create the same way for patients: establish the Internet channel between patients and the hospital so that patients can become the word-of-mouth transmitter of the hospital to spread the characteristics of the clinic effectively.

Service experience creation: automatic TCM diagnosis and treatment process, appointment registration, online payment, que number, medical treatment prescription, billing, treatment implementation, pharmacy decocting, feedback follow-up. Comprehensively improve user’s diagnosis and treatment experience.

Diagnosis and treatment effect: diagnosis and treatment of intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, physician guidance so that the diagnostic effect continues to improve.

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