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Infrared thermal imager


High resolution infrared image fixed-focus

Affordable price, small and mobile computer terminal

Standard AI operations, with free analysis report or value-added service charge

Infrared thermal imager

Medical infrared thermal imager is dedicated to recording the distribution of human body heat field, the dynamics and objective monitoring of human body functional changes caused by thermal field distribution. Through the combination of infrared imaging technology and computer technology achieving thermal diagnosis, thermal measurement and thermal functions. Provides objective thermal field change information for clinical diagnosis, treatment, health care, prevention.

Scope of application

Assist in the diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation, soft tissue injury of waist, hip and leg, etc.

Early detection of tumors, especially breast tumors; 6-12 months earlier than CT imaging techniques which can only distinguish parenchymal lesions above 2mm.

The preventive of malignant tumors through early detection and early treatment of malignant tumors reducing precious long detection time.

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