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New energy vehicle solutions


Help new energy vehicles to overcome charging challenges

Improve efficiency for power switching

Effectively help new energy EV by high-power charging

New energy vehicle solutions

New energy vehicles are a hot topic in the automotive field today. In the design process of new energy vehicles, we provide accurate simulation involving fluid, structure, temperature, electromagnetic, materials and other fields. In the manufacturing process, we provide solutions such as battery shell size detection and parts shape control, and focus on the hot areas of automotive lightweight, including composite material quality detection, material property analysis and others.

New energy vehicle is a complex product composed of thousands of parts. In the process of simulation design and development, it involves complex and multi-physical field issues in many areas such as fluid, structure, temperature, electromagnetic and control. Due to the great difference in structure and working principle with traditional vehicles, automotive engineers are faced with many challenges in the design and development of new energy vehicles, mainly of the CAE simulation technology for the key components including power battery pack, traction motor and generator, battery thermal analysis, battery shell size inspection, etc.

Battery pack shell inspection

New energy vehicle uses battery power to activate electric control system and motor. The battery shell is the loading part of new energy vehicles which is mainly used to protect the battery from damage in case of collisions or compression. It plays a key role in the safety work and protection of the battery module.

Deep measurement in the hole by the trigger sensor.

To ensure the accuracy of thread hole coordinate value with PCDMIS thread hole measurement module.

Equipped with automatic rotating measuring base which adapt to multi-direction inspection.

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