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USB Type-C connector

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Accessory Solutions

With the various changes and technological evolution of consumer electronic devices, demand for accessories is ever increasing. Tatfook Quaintfab provides a variety of different accessories for your computer, tablet, mobile phone and watch including power supply, interface conversion, music listening and so on.

Power supply: As the demand for mobile and wireless devices increases,the demand for fast charging or wireless charging accessories also increases. We provide USB-C PD regulated chargers and Qi compliant wireless charging accessories.

Interface conversion: Usually the old devices are required to connect with new equipment or multiple devices at the same time。We provide the USB – C adapters for the connection between old and new equipment.

Listening to sound: We know that you don’t just want to see the picture, but also listen to the sound and even want to communicate. We provide noise reduction headphones and wireless Bluetooth sports headphones, or ultra-thin portable speakers or speakers with multiple functions (such as wireless charging).

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