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Unmanned chemical factory solution


Real-time monitoring for production status

The production scheduling system calculates the processing quantity in real time

Online real-time monitoring at mobile terminals

Unmanned chemical factory solution

With the expansion of production scale, enterprise added more equipment, customer orders rapid changes, cost pressure, shorter delivery time, enterprise management information construction is also getting complex. Many enterprises, especially large and medium-sized group have begun to build production management information platform. The importance to advanced intelligent management system for production management and product quality traceability has been highlighted.

The entire process management from product input to output including process preparation, manufacturing, turnover & storage and abnormal situation requires constant monitoring.

All-round vision monitoring become essential.

Full involvement from workshop leaders, planners, process personnel, operators, quality personnel, inventory personnel in manufacturing execution process become critical. Real-time data are needed to assist in business collaboration and timely execution.

System advantage

Production efficiency improvement: strengthen the management of the factory workshop production process, achieve fast information transmission and process transparency, improve efficiency of production organization.

Visual management: visual production site information, real-time understanding of production status, real time production efficiency, yield and completion rate, content display according to the actual situation.

Optimize the management system: Will ask for help when not keeping up with the pace of production or manufactured at non-standard conditions. Enable the operation process to prevent defects from arising or flowing into the next process.

Production costs reduction: Improve product quality, reduce production material loss and labor costs.

Continuous improvement promotion: statistical analysis and report generation of process operations, equipment status, quality status, material supply, real-time collection of on-site production data, storage and management, to provide the basis for the analysis of production management and future continuous improvement.

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