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GMHM-1500 4 axis continuous dough mixer


Output:about 80 tons /24 hours

Total power:37KW

GMHM-1500 four axes

GMHM-1500 4-axis continuous dough mixer

Continuous dough mixer (patented) is composed of cylindrical tank, special structure of the blade and the rotating shaft. The gear between the rotating shaft is synchronized while the motor reducer is directly driven.

There are double-axis and 4-axis continuous dough mixer. The double-axis for 1000 type or fresh wet noodle production line while the 4-axis one is for 1500 type noodle production line.

Simple structure, easy maintenance, less vulnerable parts, complete safety protection facilities.

Because of the special structure, the overall structure of cylinder, rotor and blade is simple, large opening with less sticky material and wide working area.

With the special shape of the rotor and the special connection with the rotor shaft, It is convenient to adjust the angle and strength of the blade punching suitable for the impact of the dough at small dough temperature rise.

The outlet of the dough is at the upper and meets first in first out. The moisture and gluten network of the dough is uniform.

Fine-crushed particles, good gluten network, positive color and no discoloration hard small particles and large groups for the mixed dough.

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