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       About TATFOOK:

       Shenzhen Tatfook Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. Headquartered in Baoan District, Shenzhen, it is a national high-tech enterprise integrating product R&D, production and sales. More than 10 R & D centers and production bases have been established in large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad. The company focuses on the main businesses of mobile communications, intelligent terminals and automobiles, and has established stable cooperation with such globally renowned companies as Huawei, Ericsson, CommScope, Apple, Bosch and so on. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Oct. 26, 2010 (stock code: 300134).

       The company is committed to build three platforms with vertical integration capabilities from hardware to software and from components to systems: electromechanical common manufacturing platforms, industrial equipment technology platforms and industrial design network platforms. It is dedicated to be the world’s leading radio frequency devices and mobile terminal devices provider in the era of mobile communications. And utmost efforts have been made to improve the comprehensive capabilities in terms of horizontal general technology, strengthen the R&D ability for independent innovation and the ability to integrate precision manufacturing vertically, and eventually become an end-to-end network industrial technology provider. At the same time, in the new era of mobile Internet and sharing economy, the company has continued to expand its industrial chain layout and has been striving to build a new “5G+ sharing economy” industry structure.

       Corporate mission:

       The future sharing economy driven by 5G will create an unprecedented economic prosperity, while promoting the sustainable development of society and the maximization of corporate social responsibility.

      Benefiting from the economic and social benefits brought by the 5G sharing economy, Tatfook Tech will be committed to providing the most advanced technology, complete solutions and the best industrial services, in order to release the vitality of the emerging 5G sharing economy, and bring more benefits to shareholders and promote the prosperity of the society and economy.

       Corporate core values:

       Keep to the law, continuous innovation, sincere teamwork

       Build core capabilities, become the industry leader, eternal positive development


         About Tatfook A&E group:

     Tatfook A&E Group is the controlling shareholder of Tatfook and it is a asset-light industry holding platform. Tatfook A&E Group covers a diverse range of businesses, including industry, health and culture. These sections will become the hardware support platform and high-quality content providing platform for the Internet and the Internet of Things in the future.

      *At this website, the contents with ae logo belong to the businesses of Tatfook A&E Group, which is the controlling shareholder of Tatfook.

        About Tatfook:

        ● Transform core industrial and digital assets into low-cost, high-performance 5G sharing economy solutions.

        ● Develop and acquire key strategic technologies and capabilities to strengthen current business and promote 5G core business.

        ● Guided by development strategy, increase R&D expenses, expand R&D scale, and continue to invest in excellent teams and companies with high-speed development.


         Tatfook A&E Group Strategy:

      With the rapid development and widespread use of 5G wireless networks, we are in a new stage of the next technological revolution. The 5G wireless network will provide strong support for IoT-driven devices, applications, big data collection and computing in industries as well as new services.

      As a key network driver, the rapid development of 5G network will bring rapid growth to the Internet of Things. Cisco estimated that by 2020 the number of Internet devices connected on the IoT would rise from 15 billion today to 50 billion. Intel is more optimistic, claiming that more than 200 billion devices will be connected through the IoT by 2020. Although these predictions mean that we need multiple forms of wireless connection, it is clear that as the world’s most important IoT ecosystem connection driver, 5G wireless network has become a more valuable strategic asset . We will enter a 5G-driven “sharing economy” era.

        Tatfook A&E group realizes the tremendous opportunities brought by the integration of 5G wireless network and the IoT. As a long-term upstream supplier in the supplier chain, Tatfook Tech has made best efforts to upgrade the value chain, provide additional services, conduct R&D and provide production solutions based on 5G and IoT, it is changing our existing manufacturing and business models. Tatfook Tech will enable our supplier partners to achieve better cost-effectiveness and faster market response, and at the same time, it will also help our network service providers to raise their position in the 5G and IoT ecosystem.

        Tatfook A&E group has five strategic pillars: science and technology, industry, health, education and culture. These five pillars can ensure that we can better enter the 5G and IoT ecosystem and achieve long-term business growth. Our strategic focus has provided us with access card to the 5G and IoT ecosystem, and has provided strong support for Tatfook Tech’s long-term business growth.

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