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Choose employment rights freely: Abide by the national labor law, accordingly to the principle of voluntariness. Sign the labor contract formulated in the native language with all employees. Shall not employ forced labor, workers bound by mortgage or contract, and Prison labor. It is not allowed to set unreasonable restrictions for employees to be in/out the workplace, or their freedom in the workplace. No mandatory overtime. Employees shall have their right freely to sign and terminate their labor contracts. Forbid to detain the employee’s ID card. Any unreasonable fees should not be charged to employees.

Do not employ child labor and protect underage workers: Prevent the employment of children in any production process. Underage workers shall not be arranged in work that may be not good for health or safety, including night shift and overtime. No matter inside or outside the workplace, Children or underage workers shall not be kept in the dangerous environment that is not good for their physical and mental health.

Working hours: Comply with government regulations on working hours and overtime control. To meet RBA COC requirement, the employees work time shall not exceed 60 hours per week if non-emergency or abnormal case. And they shall be provided with at least one day off in every seven-day period.

Wages and benefits: The salary paid to employees shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard set by the local government. Pay overtime in accordance with the requirements of the national labor law. Provide the salary in time and accurately. And do not take salary deduction as a means of disciplinary punishment. Provide holidays, vacations and legal holidays as required by laws or policies.

Humane treatment: No inhumane treatment such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, physical coercion and verbal insult shall be imposed on employees.

Non discrimination & Diversity & inclusiveness:Promises that all employees will be free from harassment and illegal discrimination. Respect the differences between people. While recruitment and employment (such as salary, promotion, reward and training opportunities), whether employees are suitable for this role will be determined based on their personal performance, qualification and ability, and will not be discriminated against due to race or ethnic origin, skin color, gender, age, religious belief, military service status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender performance, pregnancy, nationality, disability, political appearance, community membership, protected genetic information or marital status. Except for the relevant requirements of applicable laws and regulations or for the sake of workplace safety, shall not force employees to have a pregnancy test or a physical examination or medical examination that may have discriminatory purposes.

Freedom of association: Respects the rights of all employees to freely associate, join trade unions, collective bargaining and participate in peaceful assembly, and respects the right of employees not to participate in such activities. Employees and employee representatives can participate in and negotiate management practices related to work environment and occupational health and safety without fear of discrimination, retaliation, threat or harassment.

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