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Health and safety

Health and safety permits: Obtains and updates all necessary occupational health and safety permits, registration materials and regulatory approval materials continuously according to the law, and complies with the relevant provisions of these permits.

Occupational health and safety management: Identifies, evaluates and manages occupational health and safety hazards by eliminating hazards, replacing, engineering control, administrative control processes and prioritizing the provision of personal protective equipment. Regularly implement industrial health monitoring, assessment and occupational health monitoring in the workplace according to the laws and regulations requirements.

Emergency preparedness and response: Identify and evaluate potential emergencies and emergencies, and minimize their risk through the implementation of emergency plans and response procedures, including emergency reports, employee notification and evacuation procedures, employee training and drills, appropriate fire detection and suppression equipment, obvious escape routes, adequate exit facilities and recovery plans. Such plans and procedures shall minimize damage to life, environment and property.

Industrial injury and occupational disease: Develop procedures to prevent, record, track and manage industrial injury and occupational disease, including the following provisions: encourage employees to report actual case. Make Classification and recording for all industrial injury and occupational disease cases, provide necessary medical services. Investigate cases and take corrective measures to eliminate the source of accidents and help employees return to work.

Industrial Hygiene: According to the principle of hierarchical control, identify, evaluate and control the hazards brought to workers by chemical, biological and physical factors. If any potential hazards are found, should look for opportunities to eliminate or reduce the potential hazards. If it is not feasible to eliminate or reduce hazards, the potential hazards shall be controlled through appropriate design, engineering change and management control measures. When the potential hazards cannot be fully controlled through these measures, employees should be provided with and allowed to use appropriate and well-maintained protective equipment with free of charge. The protection plan should be ongoing, and includes risk education materials related to these hazards.

High intensity manual labor: Identify, evaluate and control the impact of workers under high intensity manual labor, including handling, loading and unloading the materials by manually, lifting the heavy objects repeatedly, long-term standing and highly repetitive or high intensity assembly work.

Machine safety protection: Conduct safety risk assessment for production equipment and other equipment. For the equipment that may cause injury to workers shall be fitted with physical protection, interlocking devices, also need to be protected and maintained properly.

Public health, catering and accommodation: Provide the clean toilet facilities, drinking water and hygienic food. The dormitory provided by the company or a third party must be clean and safe, with emergency exit, hot water for bath, plenty of light and ventilation, independent safety cabinet for storing personal and valuables, and reasonable private space for easy access.

Health and safety communication: Share the workshop health and safety information, provide the training in their mother tongue or language that employees can understand, so that they can correctly understand the workplace hazard signs they are exposed to, including but not limited to equipment, electrical, chemical, fire and physical injuries. Health and safety related information shall be clearly posted in the factory or posted in a conspicuous position visible. Provide the necessary training before and after work, to encourage employees to raise safety issues for further improvement.

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