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Code of ethics

Business integrity: Adheres to the highest standard of integrity in all business dealings. Adopt a zero-tolerance policy and prohibit bribery, corruption, extortion and corruption in any form.

No undue advantage: Do not promise, offer, grant, give or accept bribes and other forms of benefits for the purpose of obtain illegal or improper advantages. The prohibition includes, directly or indirectly, promising, offering, authorizing, giving or receiving anything of value through a third party in order to obtain or retain business, or directly offering business to any person or otherwise obtaining an improper advantage. Monitoring, record retention and enforcement procedures should be in place to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.

Information disclosure: All business dealings should be recorded transparently and correctly. Discloses labor health and safety, environmental practices, business category, organization, financial and profit status accordingly to relevant regulations and current industry practices. It is not allowed to forge records or falsely report various actual operations in the supply chain.

Protect intellectual property rights: Respects intellectual property rights. The transfer of technology or practical experience knowledge is subject to the protection of intellectual property rights, and protects the information security of customers and suppliers.

Fair dealing, advertising and competition: Adheres to the standards of fair business, advertising and competition.

Identity protection and anti-retaliation policy: Implement the reasonable complaint management mechanism, to ensure the protection of the whistleblowers from suppliers and employees, and the confidentiality and anonymity of their reports. The company establishes communication procedures for employees so that employees can ask any questions without fear of retaliation.

Responsible mineral procurement: Develop policies to ensure that the mineral tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold in the products are under control, in order to conduct due diligence on those minerals source and supply chain. Provide the necessary data and report as the customer request.

Privacy: Promises to protect all people personal information, includes suppliers, customers, consumers and employees, with whom it has business dealings, so as to meet all people expectations to protect their reasonable privacy. When collecting, storing, processing, transmitting and sharing personal information, should comply with the requirements of laws and regulations related to privacy and information security.

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